Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Well, I’m going to head off to bed. Gonna start the day with some fresh new updates 😍

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But with the livery we have
But thanks you

gamer moment

They only have the A35K

Because BA and VA ordered the A35K, not the A359

Virgin Atlantic operate the A350-1000, the A350-900 is what IF is rolling out.

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That’s because those are only on the -1000 variant, not the -900

There’s no update option for me yet??

British Airways only have the -1000, IF is only going to have the -900 for now.

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I’m just dripping … Is that normal? 😃


Only when we have a big update 😏

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Fair enough. Thx for the answer.

hahahah, never thought i’d still be around to see the day of the livery being released tbh! Thanks team!


Singapore to kuala lumpur.


Will the app update automatically or will i manualy have to go into play store and update it

Can’t wait I got tears when I saw that 19.4 is here the wait was so long and in September and October and left IF for a couple weeks but I’m back and ready to turn on that A350!!!

Be patient. The update is still rolling out and make take time to reach your device.

I would just like to point out that they have added the KLM livery to the A350…

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I thought it was released for everyone, sorry

get ready for

N e w l i v e r y p l e a s e?