Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Guys give it time to roll out


Good evening, please I need your help, I’ve an infinite flight account but with apstore and I have switch from androïd to IOS but I can’t connect to my account anymore, can you help me??

Le lun. 9 déc. 2019 à 18:34, jasonrosewell via Infinite Flight Community a écrit :


Hahaha so true right now

Lm bursting into tears. 😭😭

Welp, power goes off in 20 minutes for two hours, hopefully it’ll be out by then.

What is everyone more excited for A350 or C172?


TBf the map is exciting for me


As a map nerd, I agree fully.

Both. I can practice certain things with flight training on the c172 and long haul on A350!

This will probably get lost in the dozens of comments that are being posted per minute about what class people are in and refresh app store updates…anyways…

The ‘A350’ is a big part of this release, but there is so much more to this update than just that! Hopefully everyone will take the time to read/watch the new tutorials and become educated on what all of these game changing changes are! Infinite Flight has definitely set itself up for even more amazing things in the future with this release. Absolutely fantastic work as always and definitely worth the wait.

There is never a day that goes by where something in this simulator doesn’t educate and/or amaze me!


“there is a completely reworked map, a reworked in-flight UI, the addition of live instruments for the TBM, and more.”


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I’m not a map nerd but I might be shortly 😂😂

Thanks for your hard work and listening to your community !
Thanks for the Aeroflot and Evelop liveries


Thank you guys so much! Cant wait! Thanks for all of the hard work!

I literally screamed when it came out and I was in the middle of work😂😂😂


My first flight of the A350 will be LAX to MNL. Will be using PAL :)

What’s yours?

Finally, I don’t have to melt my brain finding geographical locations for scenery, pictures and other airports

That’s the best thing and I get to see where in Europe I am

It’s been 30 mins now