Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

How do you get the NAV1 thing to work on the A350. I just set it using the airport icon and selecting the runway I wanted, then turned it from GPS to NAV1 when on base, but the plane continued offset to the localiser and wouldnt intercept?

Such bad timing for my sub to end :(

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Euro Wings

Thank you so much IF! This was the best part of my day!

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Graph to show the usage of aircraft in IF at this time.
Each block represents the data value of 500.


You still have to select the APPR option for the aircraft to land itself, if that is what you are trying to do.

Cessna 172: Am I a joke to you?

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cnai have that website

is it out? cuz its not on my phone.

Wow. I can fly vor to vor. GA fans are all in. Amazing job.

Look who I found at EGLL!
(Hi Laura!)



Testing the server fixes I just pushed… Sorry about the disappearing planes. It should be much better now.


I was experiencing some intermittent issues but they’re fixed now. Thanks for all your hard work!

You’re welcome, and thanks for being a subscriber :)


The real phrase is

TBM 930: Am I a joke to you?

Just kidding. I was expecting that to be up there somewhere lol.

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I feel like saying thank you and buying pro just isn’t enough for this update. Thanks to all that made this happen! Also gave a 5 star review on the App Store!

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It’s only for those with a subscription?

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Well, well, well, now learning starts all over with HUD, the placement of things such as engine start, which nav or gps to use. Definitely looking for the tutorials on these things. Man…I love it thanks developers you can never get bored with stuff…keep it foong

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What an update!

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