Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Yes I am

My 5s got the update yeeeeeeee

Still no update ,kolkata,india

Honestly thank you

This is actually a mode of torture. I want the update so bad.

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Anyone know how to do an approach mode ILS? the button to choose which runway when nearing the ils is no longer there

The 19.4 release introduced new UI controls with enhanced navigation features. APPR works the same but may require some additional setup prior to using.

Please reference this tutorial on the new UI and APPR features.


It’s more realistic now, I love it guys.

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Nothing in France 😭

Air France Airbus A350-900 Parked at The Gate at Paris-Charles De Gaulle

Jesus Christ 750 replies already, now, Oh My God it’s here! Yes! Thank you to all the staff members, beta testers and everyone else who helped bring this aircraft to us. I’ve been test flying the aircraft for awhile now and I must say I can notice a difference in the Cessna 172’s performance than what it used to be. The A350 is spot on. Well done Infinite Flight and no thank you for this wonderful simulator that brings us all together.


I love the old UI better ;,(


Ah still update for UK Andriod users :((

Erm, my 5s had 20% ago and it just died, i want to play… Hello apple?

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Google don’t like Europe ? 😑


Or Asia.

Does anyone from Germany already have the update? (Android)

This update is incredible and I can not wait to play. But the key word is wait. I know we all want to play it and use it and enjoy every second, but we do have to wait. Even if it’s not out right now it’ll be out soon, so we can all take a breather and enjoy what we have and then use the A350 and the other updated stuff.

You might need a new phone if its dying that fast. Your phone battery is nearing its death.

Well, It’s my backup phone which recieved it first. The back up is the 5s and its nearing 6 or 7 years old now so I’m not surprised. I’ll get an iPhone 11 to replace my android though.


I need the update😔😭 I cant wait any longerr


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Enjoy team. Y’all deserve it. Have a good, safe Xmas

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