Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Im very very very sad now!My subscription ended yesterday!!!

The UI is so confusing. Autoland is hard. It will be hard to get used to!!

Great job! IF has really outdone themselves with 19.4!

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I agree, the UI is great but will need to get used to!!

Anyone able to explain to me how to use the ‘mixture control’ setting on the C172? Do you lower the mixture percentage at higher altitudes and leave it 100% for takeoff? I believe it also has a lot to say for high altitude takeoffs. How does it apply in Infinite flight?

Take a read here! 🙂

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I set it on full rich for takeoff and lean it to 80% for climb and cruise but I’m checking the gauges to have all in the green. For final approach I set it back at full rich. Same for the SR22.


Amazing thank you, i could’nt find any info in the ‘Navigating Infinite Flight’ Post.

Click on the picture in that post : ).

Check this video


Hi Guys. Does anyone know how to select an ILS on the A350👀


Thanks a lot!🙏

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One question though @Matevz_Treven
If I want to see the top of descent thing. Is that possible to see?

What do you mean top of Decent thing?

Still having issues login in…

The sign shows where you’ll be at the end of your descent. Of course its based on the selected target altitude.

What kind of login issue do you have? I heard there was a known issue with logging in with an app.

Edit: From Cameron: We just pushed an update for this which fixes this issue. PM me if you’re still having trouble after installing the hotfix :)

So please contact Cameron.

The fact that I cant log in using Facebook.

Cameron said that there is a hotfix that has the issue fixed but it still acts the same

U need to download the hotfix from ur app store…when is available.