Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Question I can’t get my navigation system to work it won’t let me fly my instead I have to use HDG.can someone tell me how to use the autopilot on a350-900.

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there is a tutorial video on youtube i believe @Drey

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Click the Nav Button in the Autopilot section. Make sure your flight plan is ready.

Pictures of how to do it.

I love this livery!! This aircraft is AMAZING, really excited for the 777.


Guys I need help. I tried to do APPR ILS but it’s not working please help me and how do you establish ILS? It’s so different from the a320 because there you can press which ILS runway but the A350 doesn’t have this. Anybody know how to do the ILS landing with the A350?

Greatly Appreciate


Check out these tutorials below. They should help you out :)

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with the live instruments in 350 i think most of users will fly it and ignore all boeings.
I hope u bring live instruments to all aircraft models especially the commercial

Live cockpits will come to all new/reworked aircraft from now on. I believe that if the reworked 777 is anything like what the A350 is now, 2020 will be a very good year. :)


I love infinite flight ❤️.

The 777 will be more “Advanced” In terms of features, but indeed 2020 will be amazing

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Something is not right here. Im flying level but look at this. Happens to me in the 320 too

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Has anyone from Australia got the update yet?

Please see the following topic. What you’re seeing is not an issue.

Yeah. The A350 has 20 hours of fuel but it gets verry heavy. So no pax or cargo

Anybody else having issues signing in?

Me too but I think that the new uni is less clutter and it will take a few weeks to get used too
Thought I’m struggling as well

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Mhm, I remember when Pre-global did something similar to this but by the 2nd week i got used to the UI.

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I just broke in my a350 experience with probably the most stable takeoff approach and eventual crosswind landing at EDDM came just in tim for LH429 and was my best experience yet. Can’t wait for more heavy aircraft reworks because the A350 is awesome.


Since i updated new version it keeps on crashing what is the problem?

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Yeah same here was on APPR to VHHH Brought the gear down and it just went