Infinite Flight 19.4 fan-trailer

These videos are incredible! This is only the second one. Keep up the work!

GOD DAM DUDE!!! Why did you make me watch this 10 time. I am making a 20.2 trailer and I already had music but Im imedietely changing it to this. This is better that the iNibuild a300 and people said that was the best trailer ever. I just cant stop thinking about this, and also the amount of work you put into this is amazing! I LOVE IT!

Just checked out iNibuild’s A300 trailer, it sure is nice and some shots there make me excited for the drone cam. And the amount of work I’d say was around 15-18 hours for everything, though I could have halved it if I had the needed replays prior to making it.

Also, answering @Gliding_Central’s question - I’m using Final Cut Pro with some stuff from Pixel Film Studios

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beautiful choice of music, good cameras, amazing examples… AMAZING Everything!