Infinite Flight 19.4 fan-trailer

Hi, about a week ago I’ve made a fan-trailer for the 20.1 update and everyone seemed to like it: Jason, Laura, 100+ IFC members.
In that thread I gave a promise that because free cam is hopeless for aerial shots I won’t do any more vids until I get to play with the drone cam. Soooo it turns out if you use the scenic camera the wrong way it actually gives fantastic shots, so then understanding I won’t get my hands on the drone cam soon and also understanding that I’m impatient, I did the most logical thing which is another fan-trailer:


Flights: Misha has less hair on his head than there were flights to make this
Time: Yes
Aircraft: Countless

And here's a screenshot of the final project


These videos are absolutely INSANE and are very cool to watch!

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They take 2-3 days, but the result is worth it. Alright, now I’m waiting to get my hands on the drone cam for real (probably not)


Also peeps, if anyone would be curious about the locations from the video I’ll add them a bit later just like with the previous trailer

Very nice video mate, can’t wait for the next one!

That got me lol

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Your cinematics are absolutely crazy! Love it!

This is amazing!

The worst thing is that there are actually tens of 1-10 minute replays on my ipad, but hey, at least the locations change frequently

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Another amazing video, splendid job!

Thanks for the kind words. Hope the next one will be with the drone cam, but who knows, there is still the XCub trailer that hasn’t been remade yet

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Holllyyyy this is fireeee my guyyy

Wow. You are very good at photo editing!! I am very appreciate

Hey there, if anyone was wondering about the locations in the video I’ve just added them as English subtitles.

Another masterpiece! The best part to me was the transition to the A350 - great job again Alex!


This is great!

I’m personally a bigger fan of the A350 silhouette moment just right after it.

Awesome job once again, well made just like the last one. I’m impressed once again!

Should’ve added some footage from the Atari in the A350 to be honest. 😜

Omg. This is fire 🔥

Can’t wait until 19.4 comes out 🙃


FCPX is better than Adobe Premiere.


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What’s the editing software you use @sqeezelemon! Wow that’s an amazing video! I was gripped the whole way through.