[Infinite Flight 19.4.2] Full Flight | American 2086 - Dallas-Fort Worth -

Welcome to the Non-Stop Flight Series! The series in which we fly real world routes across the globe! So spread the word, share the news, send this to your crush with no context! In this episode we are AA2086 Non-Stop service to Minneapolis! Welcome to episode 1!


Looked like a great flight! Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

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Hey! Love your videos and this one is def not an exception, keep up the great work and stay healthy:)


Great video usual JNG. Your voice is exceptionally calming to listen to, especially in the introduction of this video.

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Yeah exactly like a younger morgan freedman

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Nice video! Did you manually add those custom engine wing sounds or are they from IF-A?

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JNG do you want to do a group flight sometime

Thanks! They’re all edited in by me

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By golly - you’re right!

Bring it to PM.