Infinite Flight 19.3 in Glorious HD

Because I think, it’s only the A320 who will have the liveries (not the A321 and the A319, like in the last year)(not sure about the A318).

When they say “will the 320 family get new liveries” they are talking about the whole 320 family including the 318, 319, 320 and 321.


Thank you mate for the response, I was confused. :)


I certainly a free it’s better, and honestly I was more expressing a general frustration with the ohrase, it’s always bugged me that it is always flung aroud with no definition, and I was in a bit of a bad mood at the time, and took it out on IF, who, among companies is far from the worst offender, and honestly is hardly an offender since it is used quite honestly, sure without a definition, but there is clearly a massive difference, and it is about as “HD” as the ground gets in a mobile simulator…

The cockpit and and its new pilot view

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Great work 👍

I have heard rumours but I think they will come at some point

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The HD is very good I’m loving it…👏😍


Look very nice

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I’d say the opposite the A321 captain view is perfect. There’s also the First Officer view which is tilted down so you can see the instruments better. The A321 camera angles were set up perfectly but it is the A320 that actually needs to be patched up to be like the A321. At the moment the default camera angle in the A320 is facing down to see the instruments, but it is not the best angle for flying the aircraft. Fly a 737 and then an A320 and you’ll see the difference.

The angle facing down should be a feature of the cockpit view of the First Officer on the A320s with live cockpit instruments. The captain’s camera angle should be the default angle like in all the other planes in the sim.

I’d been thinking about this. Looking forward to the fix. The A321’s cockpit camera angles are perfect, love being able to switch to First Officer to have a better look at the intstruments. Should be replicated on the A318, A319 and A320. Wouldn’t this be a rather quick hotfix?

Sticking with the A321 for now until the update.

It will be not be fixed in the way you’re expecting I’m afraid. The A321 is the one that is incorrect.

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That’s too bad.

I saw the A321 camera angles as exactly what I had hoped for when the instruments were updated.

I’m one of the pilots that has gotten very used to using the HUD with the FPV, especially when on final (before the A320 camera angle changes happened). I find it much easier to fly when the FPV is as close to the center of my screen as possible. So maybe the default “old school” cockpit captain camera angle can be kept as an option.

Having that flexibility gives pilots choices on how they want to fly a specific flight. Eventually I’d think most pilots (including myself) would no longer need the HUD and FPV.


I’ve always found it so much better with the new camera angles. They are so much more realistic and I got used to them really quickly. I’m honestly sad that the A321 hasn’t gotten its camera fixed.

It’s so unfortunate that the awesome addition of live instruments made that a320 family unplayable for me. I can’t stand the camera angle issues and that autopilot glitch where all the sudden it goes max throttle kills it for me. Real shame as those were some of my favorite aircraft to fly.

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I feel the A320 has the best view, and the A321 has the incorect.😉

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Would really like it if they kept the option for the default inside cockpit view with the HUD & FPV.

I haven’t flown any of the narrow-body airbus aircraft because I always have to rearrange the HUD to be level with the horizon.


Definitely more realistic, and I love it. I just want to be able to fly them correctly and at the moment the only thing I can’t do very well is maintain a smooth final and butter (I always end up landing towards the other end of the runway). With the HUD and FPV there’s no problem, but it’s default position in the new camera angle is too low. So I’d like for them to keep the original position and add that new angle in the A321 cockpit for people that like it.

What autopilot glitch is this? I’ve never seen it. You might be talking about how winds or the way you climb after takeoff affect the throttle while on autopilot. I’d like to see what you’re doing in the cockpit for this autopilot glitch to occur.

Nevertheless yes I think it would be good for the devs to keep the old camera angles in the A320s as an option. Setting the angle to our preferred position manually isn’t so straightforward and makes landing much more difficult than it needs to be.

@Pilot_Dan1 I know what you’re saying. And I understand the logic behind the angle. But the HUD in the A321 is in its old default position, which I like, and the First Officer’s view has the newer angle which you like. I thought it would therefore be interesting to attempt to fly an aircraft as First Officer! Why not make it possible for pilots to pick one angle or the other, rather than remove the original cockpit camera angle altogether?

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We should campaign for this lol I have a feeling they might not give that option.