Infinite Flight 19.3 in Glorious HD

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I’m not trying to argue, I’m just saying If is falling into a trap many marketing people do of using “HD” in a very broad, and in my opinion misleading way…

No, it’s not what HD stands for. It stands for High Definition. If you want to put it in your context, that would be 720p.

And you can’t apply that context to Infinite Flight in terms of satellite imagery, as it’s changing due to zoom level etc etc.


All I’m saying is that HD, or High Definition is 720p, and the satellite images are, correct me if I’m wrong, not that…

Everyone’s defense here seems to be that the context here is different than my TV screen, which it is, I don’t disagree, but using a word incorrectly just because the context doesn’t match isn’t a very good use of the word in my opinion…

They’re not? At what zoom level do you measure?

Here’s the only way you could measure it to be honest.

  • 720p equals a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • 1 pixel in the satellite imagery is equivalent of 15 meters.

The satellite imagery is therefore HD if you’re at an altitude that allows you to see an area of 19200m x 10800m and the full resolution imagery is being used

Pretty sure you can see that far at 20000ft already.


Ok, point noted, I wasn’t thinking about it like that. I do still stand by the fact that it’s meaning here is so fluid it loses a lot of power, but I’ll admit defeat on a few fronts here, good point…


I’m having trouble loading a flight it will load and force close every time my app is up to date any suggestions?

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This post covers the differences between different scenery resolutions:


Is the HD resolution anything related to the device, cuz I see difference between pics Infinite Flight sends and what I see on my iPad Air 2.


I think it will be better if your quality settings is on the best settings


My settings are in the maximum

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Then i don’t know

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iPad Air is a fairly old device may not be able to produce the graphic the newer iPad like the iPad Pro do

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Will d photo capture explained by me
I should push like for it

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Hi, I think pics are of a different thing than gameplay. Most of the pics are from replays as there is an option to take an internal screenshot as well as maxing out the quality to 4K, no matter how low you set your game settings prior. Keep in mind we’re talking strictly about stills taken during replay.

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Where amazing happens


Does the new liveries for the a320 family will be add only on the a320 or in all the a320 family?

Liveries are added realistically. So if a livery is only available on the 321 in real life then it will only be added to the 321 in infinite flight and not the rest of the series.

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@KPIT like Seb said, it’s kind of relative. But in the context of Infinite Flight…

Low Definition:


High Definition:


In this case, 15 meters per pixel is what we are calling HD. HD comes from television, and used beyond that is mainly marketing because people understand it as “better”.