Infinite Flight 19.2 And XCub Are Here!

Tips about flying the XCub that will help keep it pointed the right direction.
Rule #1 Keep it on Centerline
Rule #2 Use the rudder gently and do not over correct
Rule #3 Stay off the brakes
Rule #4 Go Around!
Rule #5 Taxi Slowly


What planes does the camera shake work on? I’ve only noticed it on the 737

Does that mean when u turn it kinda shakes a bit

I think it means on the ground, as you’re rolling, the camera will shake (in the cockpit)

I have the same question.

The current list of aircraft is the following:

I just noticed a placard in the XCub that says “no acrobatic maneuvers” and I know I’ve done some😂


I toke it for a spin today to do some stalls to see how it reacts.It isn’t as hard as I thought to recover from the stalls in the XCub.

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It does it during turbulence as well

Its surprisingly good for it right! 😂

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Could someone send me a video of cockpit shake, I don’t think I have it…

XCub film update: 30 seconds left to fill then it’s good for release. Just had a good livestream on the IFAE Instagram and got a couple guys to come and get in a shot. I’m predicting a release on Sunday.


It’s been that long I forgot you were making it, cannot wait to see the final results.


I love the X-club cockpit :)

What do you mean about a release??

When I land with all with the A320 and 737 the sec I Touch the ground the hole camera shakes but it makes me feel like I had a Ryanair landing but it was actually soft

My film. I released it on Monday.

Whatever GA plane is next, please make it a easy one to take off😂😂

You meaning the XCub is hard to fly


Only because it’s super easy when you get used to it

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