Infinite Flight 19.2 And XCub Are Here!

There might be a hot fix update to fix this. You could make a topic in #support. 🙃

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Already have. I just hope that the staff see it and notify relevant party’s about the issue

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I think he already did

Yay Laura is typing. Hope it has something to do with the apple lag issue

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I see Laura typing so hopefully she can explain the issues that may be present.

I’ve been playing on my iPhone 6S+ for the past few days, but I have a solid 30fps with:
Rendering Quality: High
Resolution: Low
Anti Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: On

In the XCub, flying off from an airport, I’m at 60fps if I remove the limiter.


And to all, remember that if you have your settings too high, your device will heat up, and will reduce the frequency of the CPU and GPU.

Lower the settings when you start the app to avoid getting behind of the heat/power curve if you will :)


Laura, I’ll check that out. Thanks very much for providing some tips that may help me. Great job team!

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Yay! Thank you so much for all your hard work Infinite Flight!

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I LOVE IT!!! I’m at work, but I just couldn’t wait to try it. GREAT JOB!!!

Anyone, is this meant to turn on?

Just took these 2 new birds into the sky, they are Awesome! 😄👍🏻😃

Great job devs for making this awesome Plane! And this new 747 livery! Great job! 😃👍🏻😄


No it’s not.

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@Jack_BC The iPad in the rear seat does not function. Only the glass panel in the front seat will.

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My bad. I thought he was referring to the cockpit panel.

See you finally got the update! Enjoy!


Already flipped it while landing at jfk…

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Embarrassing but it was on casual so people who saw it were used to it.


Ok, thanks

I did not even stay on the runway