Infinite Flight 19.2 And XCub Are Here!

I’ve been spamming that “Check for Update” button for a solid 30 minutes now. Still nothing, I feel you, @VR-DOM. 😂


It awesome to fly great jobs guys!! Going swimming! 👋

When I first tried it the graphics were so bad I turned them up is this bad for a 2019 iPad mini 5?

Anyone able to tell me what “Source GPS” does?

It’s what the nav button does. If it’s on nav 1 it will follow ILS and if it’s on GPS it will follow your flight plan

Check out this tutorial

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I have not received the update yet. I have the Galaxy s8. I’m running android 9. No idea what to do now. I really want to fly the XCub.

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Hi there…
Happy to hear that the release comes out… But I am disappointed and sad because I didn’t receive it. I am an android user I went to the play store to update it but nothing so I cleared the playstore cache still nothing I also uninstalled IF and install it again but still nothing why on Earth I didn’t have it😭

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Quite a few Android users still do not have the update. Your only option at the moment is wait. It should be with you shortly.


I feel you’re pain (Android User Myself), but remember that it’s a roll-out of the release, which means not everyone will get it at the same time.


And lasses.


Still no update, but I guess some apple users haven’t received it yet either. 😥

Yup, It Here.
The moment we’vel been waiting for…the XCUB!
Congrats to all IF associated people!

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Yes, it sucks to be a android user right now🤣


Thanks for the great update… But the app keeps crashing every time i hit replay feature on IOS iPhone 8 plus😲

Beautiful ⭐️


Call me when you can fly this aircraft and get more than 15 fpm on a perfectly operational iPad 2017.


Make a topic in #support :)

Can we just clarify what is meant by light Aircraft?

The SR22 can match the speed of an airliner, or faster on an approach until about 3/2 miles out…

And I would consider the SR22 a light aircraft.

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Have we found the heavy livery yet?