Infinite Flight 19.2 And XCub Are Here!

Hello, pilots!

We are on short final with Infinite Flight v19.2 with approval from Apple! The update is being pushed to both iOS and Android as we post this.

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To Our Community Members

We’re so excited for you to finally fly the XCub! Take it from us, this can be a tricky little bird to fly, especially if you’re used to flying the big iron. We encourage you to channel your inner aviator, and really spend some time getting to know this airplane. It can be really fun to fly solo or with some friends. We know that for now the low-level terrain isn’t high resolution, but don’t let that stop you from doing some mountain or canyon flying! Landing on the beach is still fun and challenging.

A Few 19.2 Tips

Our official takeoff tutorial is coming out very soon but in the meantime, here are a few things to note:

  • XCub’s max demonstrated crosswind ability is 11kts. This is the max, and even with that, pilots need to find their own maximum comfort zone for taking off or landing in a crosswind, especially in a light taildragger. If you show up at a busy field with high winds, please don’t be surprised if you find yourself ground-looping and receiving violations! (violations in the XCub due to pilot error will not be removed)
  • Start your journey with the XCub on solo mode with no wind, and do lots of practicing. Your fellow pilots will thank you! Slowly work your way up to higher winds and crosswinds. USE. THAT. RUDDER!
  • Please pay close attention to ATIS on the expert server. ATIS now has a “No Light Aircraft” message indicating that light aircraft are not allowed at that airport. This is the typical protocol to prevent a traffic jam.
  • Patterns are expected to be the same normal size patterns as before. Taking off, doing a 360 and landing on the same runway is not acceptable at a controlled airspace.
  • Please do not fly into major bravos in the XCub. Do some research to find out if this is an airport that takes GA traffic regularly. If not, please help out ATC and fellow pilots by not using that airport with the XCub.
  • Taildraggers are tricky to taxi. Taxi slowly and keep a close eye on your surroundings. Remember, larger aircraft may find it difficult to even see you.
  • Join community GA events! It’s fun.

19.2 also comes with new progressive taxi instructions for ATC 😱We will need patience on the part of ATC and Pilots as we get our feet wet with this feature. This feature will help provide you with more specific directions on the ground. Keep your ears open for the new instructions and comply with all commands to find the runway safely!

But Liveries Tho…

19.2 will ship with a very special livery for one of our heavies that I’ll leave for you to discover, however that is the only non-XCub livery for now. Our artists have been working on adding other liveries to various aircraft, which will ship in the near future (sorry… no ETA since we’re still planning that). And yes, these are for existing aircraft, in addition to the A350 and B777 rework.

After reading the full article linked above you still have requests, please head to our #features category to either vote on an existing one or create your own.

Thanks, and happy cubbing!


No way! The moment we have all been waiting for. Thanks for your hard work! I’m ready to get “Cub Crafty!”


Woohoo!! Congratulations, you guys.


Amazing news, congratulations to the team!


Thank you to the whole IF team! I’m so excited to fly the X-Cub!


Thanks so much for this amazing aircraft, IF! I’ve always wanted a high performance bush plane like this and it’s finally here!


Open the flood gates

Thank You Developers, Alpha Testers and Beta Testers. :)


It will be very fun to do some pattern work in EGLC!



Well done, IF team! Can’t wait to fly this beautiful bird!


Great job team and all involved! This is how I love to start out the 4th with a bang !


Wow! It’s already here!!!


What!!! No way…

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Yay 747-200 EAA livery!


Love the new loading screen as well :)


Awesome update! Thank you guys for the hard and dedicated work!🙏

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Alrighty, time to end my flight then… straight to the Play Store I go!


Im lucky I did a early ULH as apple will take a while to get the update. I’m so happy you guys keep improving and fighting to make IF the best flight sim in the world

finally… thank you IF team.