Infinite Flight 18.6 Release

That’s my favorite -800 livery. Its sure a work of art. 😍


Who else is stuck in school and can’t use it


Even better. Advertising on YouTube 😱

Wow!!! Amazing update…we’ll done


That looks so nice!

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Thank you devs for yet another beautiful update!!
You guys spoil us too much

YES. You guys are legends. Outstanding work yet again. Thank you!

The way I discovered the update was out was I got a notification that Blu Games had gone live and the stream name included ‘18.6 Release’

I had unlocked my phone and was looking at this post in about 5 seconds flat!


I got so excited when I saw this! I had like just woken up and I thought to myself, that would be funny if the update came out today, but I’ll check just in case. And I checked and the first thing I saw was 18.6 release and then I blacked out😂

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the new logo looks sick!! Im doing my IF assistant to fly EGKK to LOWI in a tui 738

Thank you guys so much for everything over these years I love this game so much and I love supporting it😁

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What got updated on the 787? I see that it says update when I updated the app

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Who loves the new logo



its sick isnt it

I just got home from school and I found this great IF surprise, I’m so happy, thank you guys😀😀😀😀😁

i can’t even grammar i’m so exited

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I had a heart spasm when I saw this

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I am at school, and my friends siad, bro? Why are you shaking! THANK YOU INFINITE FLIGHT LLC!!!

Guys, this update is just amazing. You have outdone yourselves once again. Looking forward to what’s coming next! As usual, a 5-star-update!

Just a little recommendation: If you want to see what the update brings and you still haven’t got it, watch Blu Games’ stream to get a little taste of the new features! He will fly the new A-10 and the updated 737! :)