Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Getting a new iPad! I’ll be back in action and soaring the skies very soon!


Is it just me or did the A321 get a new livery because I didn’t know Middle Eastern airlines was there??? I know it got updated at the start of the year


It’s been there for a while. Even before I joined 2 years ago


Oh thank you @JT_Playz I’m not overly observant 😁


Finally 737 love its aircraft


Has anyone else noticed tyre squeal on landing? I’m not sure if this came in this update. Also only noticeable from the external camera view I believe


The tire squeal has been here for quite some time. It’s nothing new, probably because people don’t normally use the external view to land.


Yeah since this update I have only used the 737/8/9. It just handles so well especially when cutting to idle and flaring. It just glides down.


Great work, but missing Air Algerie and Iraq Airways 737-800.


I’m really glad they added some new liveries for the A10. It looks so much better and it honestly deserves to be one of the stars of the Sim.


Every aircraft has the potential to be a star. We just need to get out of our comfort zone and fly something new and we might surprise ourselves with the result. I never touched the A-10 before the rework and I really like it now. When Infinite Flight reworks aircraft I never really fly I like it because it is a challenge but also a new experience of a plane that should be appreciated. Thank you Infinite Flight, keep on rocking and I can’t wait to see what’s it store for 2019!



You are right. I know people keep saying it but I hope an A350 comes at some point!