Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


I’m glad you got your problem fixed, but next time, please put all of your things into one post to prevent spam. Thanks! ;)


The Tui livery is amazing! It makes me smile!


Maybe going to #support and asking there would help out!


What is a visor?


If you take a look at the Pilot’s face, you’ll see the black like mask go up and down :)


OMG, thanks for Old American Airlines. All my memories first started on this plane


Hello, since this new update, my game has been constantly freezing and crashing. I have waited 12 hours flying form LA to Auckland- only to have my game crash on approach. If this could be sorted out or if there are any solutions please let me know. Thanks.


I just want to say that this update is truly Amazing. I have flown 12 times mostly on short-medium hauls on the 737/8/9. This aircraft in my opinion now handles much better than the other one especially in windy scenarios when landing. The flare is also greatly improved especially when one sinks slightly just above the ground. The best thing is that this aircraft is great on steep approaches combined with the flare at the end.


agree big time 😃
The old 737 just pushed you to the ground when landind but now I all of my landing with the 737 are nice/(butter) ;)
Great work FDS


Thanks for this Update. I really like it and also the live Instruments on the A10. I LOVEE this live instruments and if this comes to all the aircrafts. I will only play this game for the rest of my live.
Thank you


You could say we’re loving the new update I suppose…
Awesome work IF staff!


It’s not llc they h already said that they like being called just and only infinite flight


It was added about 6 months ago in the 18.3 update.


I really am enjoying flying the A10 - the level of immersion is on another level, you can really feel the more advanced physics/graphics etc between this, the TBM and older aircraft. Also the working instruments adds a whole new dimension - now there is the opportunity to fly IFR and really feel like you’re in control of the airplane using only instruments. If this is the quality that can currently be attained I cannot wait for future aircraft. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for the sim.


The winglets on the boeing 737 looks pretty cool hope they will add the airbus a350 on the next update.


Highly unlikely, but no shame in dreaming. ✌️


It’s really nice!


Right now, we only have two settings with the brakes, 0 and 100. We’d like to make this a sliding scale (especially when sliding down on the rudder pedal to brake) eventually. To answer your question, auto-brake would use different intensities between none and full. Currently, we don’t do that, so it’s not as accurate as it could be.


This is actually something I’ve wanted for a really long time. Hope to see it soon.


Hi. I’m just wondering is infinite flight available on pc?