Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


I do have 2 more questions. Can I get the link for the Colorado one southwest plane to vote and also what do I do to remove votes. Like where do I go?


You go to your profile and click votes, from there you click on the vote you don’t want for a request anymore then scroll to the top of the request and click remove vote next to the total number of votes. To find the request simply click the magnifying lens in the top right and enter the request you want and it will search the IFC and return with results matching your search


If you find a feature request you voted on and click it again it will remove your vote.


This is great news. The working instruments is a huge milestone for this sim.


Sorry if it’s already been stated, but why is the American Eagle CRJ-200 locked for Pro subscribers only?


This is an issue what Chris_S knows about.So this is a known issue.He will probably bring it to the staff attention


How do I get to my profile. I click my picture then the name right? If so then it I can’t find anything that says votes


Never mind I found my votes but it says no topics found.


Thank you very much new app


Thank you so much. Because since there was an update on the B737 series and the A-10, I was very happy and truly extraordinary :)


Are you talking about 9V-SEB?


No, that’s old :)

It was the Retro A319 people previously mentioned.


Out of curiosity,when I re-downloaded the A319,I found the SAS Retro A319! Did the other devs know about this?


Of course. I can’t make or add liveries myself :)


Just a question,if you could add any livery on any aircraft in IF,what would you choose?


I think he chose the Retro SAS livery you mentioned ;)


I had to redownload the A320 family, the B787 family and the citation X but did something change except the SAS livery getting added?


Nothing special. There’s always minor corrections being made in the app, not everything is noticeable :)


Not quite true; there are many conditions where it would be appropriate or required to use full thrust on. Some examples include terrain around the airport, high wind component, or a short runway. If you cannot do your own performance calculations a good rule of thumb for a loaded (near MTOW) 737NG with a derate to 90% n1 is 7000FT for the -700 8000FT for the -800 and 9000FT for the 737-900er, with flaps 5. So if you have less than the respective amounts of runway, either increase the thrust, increase the flaps or lower the weight. Within the United States, some examples of runways where you may have to use TO/GA thrust are: PAJN, KSFO (1R/1L) KSBA, KBUR,KSNA, KSAN, KPSP, KEGE, KJAC,KDAL,KMDW,KLGA,KDCA, some runways at KBOS, KEYW and many more.


Is it right that all 737s now have the 787 style strobes? Wouldn’t the older variants still have the normal strobes.?