Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Flying with this beautiful aircraft




My new favorite aircraft series to fly 😍



WestJet and Alaska are a tie for my favourite! I swear even just these small little things make it worth waiting for! ❤️


I’m just wondering. Is there clouds if so how can I get them. And another thing is how do I vote for the Colorado one southwest. It says I’m out of votes. Thank you.


Hello! Clouds are currently not available in the sim. Also, if you’re out of votes that means you need to remove a vote from an existing topic. This is to ensure you don’t go and vote for every little feature, as that lowers the value of an individual vote. Let me know if you ave any other questions :)


It indicates the do not exceed limit.


Sorry, what does it mean by “visor up”? When I click it, it doesn’t seem to do anything


The visor on the pilot inside the A10


That really doesn’t explain anything to me

What I meant was, it doesn’t do anything when I click visor up… what is it supposed to do?


It’s supposed to raise/lower the visor on the pilot inside of the A10


Wasn’t deercrusher flying a 738 from ANC-LAX in an unknown livery?


It raises and lowers the visor on the pilot’s helmet.


Looks like you figured out what I was flying. 😎😜


Is the livery you were flying currently in game?


Indeed it is!


I thought it was westjet tbh. 🤷🏻‍♂️


APU strobe with no APU, 😪 some day… it will come… 😪


I’ll be flying the 737 for the first time since this update! Feel free to join my stream and fly with me! Stream starts in 30 minutes!




Good news, my little brother just crashed my flight, I’ll make it this stream 👍