Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Their working on it.


I don’t think you don’t want to sleep, trust me, I’ve learned the hard way


There is :) on the B737-800


I honest, i want to say thank you to FDS for giving us a special update. I really enjoyed it today😀😉☺


love this update i hope it get more better 2019 love yall infinite flight crew thank you keep it up with the good work


I bet y’all at infinite flight are partying right now because it’s one small step for man and one giant leap for infinite flight




First off cool. Then your holding the phone backwards. Then really cool


ahhh, beautiful wingflex


Don’t add full power on takeoffs


Thanks for a great year of updates! The development team continues to surpass expectations!


Literally just by adding wingflex to the 737, it is now the only plane I fly.


What is the new top speed of the A10


Best ❤️ And will always be ,
Hoping for more suprises on the years ahead.
appreciated work from the developers


This is heavily dependent on altitude and weight. Typical cruise for longer distance is FL180-250 with a speed of M.53.

If using indicated airspeed you can expect anywhere from 210-300KIAS, again depending on altitude. 🙂


OK, I’ll stick with a C130J-30 than


What is this pointer?


Once again Thank You for all the hard work and making IF just that much better!!


I’m pretty sure that’s the top speed


Barber pole - max operating speed. Do not exceed