Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


But you got the More to Love special livery as well, so there is no reason to be dissapointed.


At least you have 2 new Alaska liveries. The devs really did good work. You can always vote for the 737-800 version in #features so that it can be added in the future.


Yeah I’m glad for that, but I’m really for Southwest Airlines.

Alaska is 2nd place XD

Really grateful for this update. Makes flying the B737 much more pleasant! :D


Hey,do you have a reccomendation for a timelapse using the 737?


You could do KSJC-KSAN with the new B738 Heart Southwest livery

Anymore of this conversation, we have to take to a PM XD


BTW where is the multiple flight reply feature ?


My favorite 737 livery


@Mozart_Passaredo top ! 😁👏🏻❤️


A10 cockpit looks awesome, definitely a ground breaker. Is there any plan now for interactive controls?


My favorite Livery 😍


Thanks for the reply, any idea on when it will be resolved?


There are no server issues for the time being.
Please restart your device and see if it improves :)


This is QUITE the Christmas gift. I can die happy now lol.


I’ve restarted my devise and the app several times and it is still crashing on the loading page…


Thanks for the update Guys,I’m never sleeping again.


If you guys haven’t already, I’d definitely try and fly some patterns with the A-10. It is my favorite aircraft on the sim to fly controlled, quick patterns. It’s maneuverability makes it so easy to make tight turns! This was an awesome update devs, thanks!


I totally agree. It handles amazingly well and is fun to fly.


@C-0_407, that picture is not a 737 with splits, it is a MAX with the Advanced technology winglets, they are different things…

MAX Advanced Technology winglet

737 NG split scimitar


Hmmm…didn’t I tell you that like a long time ago…using the exact same pictures… 😂


Honestly you might have given that they are the best pictures of the two I could find… (thanks if you did, honestly so many things I’ve learned from this community, so I like to pass it on!