Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Same here lol


I’m starting my 3rd flight today and I’m feeling overstimulated… hehe


would love to know about live replay - thats a feature ive been waiting for… devs seem to have gone silent about it?


It looks like the amount of brakng power on the 737 was increased.
Was it?


Yes, it appears that it has increased as well as an updated suspension.


The 737 is amazing! The flex, split sc. , pilots and liveries 😍
Great job team! ;)


Hi All,

Ever since the latest update it won’t load and the app, keeps crashing. Is anyone having the same issues?


I come home from school and find this. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!


Yes we are! The team are experiencing occasional server overloads from everyone trying to spawn in the new aircraft and are scaling them up as we speak to meet the new demands


That was almost 10 hours ago though :)


Tis are seasons to get infinite flight pro :)


Wow, how long is school for you bro 😂


I’m soo happy for the update but 5 days of test are starting in two days:(




The JAL Express 737-800 is still there! What japanese livery are you talking about


@Hinata asked if a new Japanese livery is coming a while ago,but we didn’t get one.


Keep voting for them. Maybe soon you would see them in a future update. You never know.

Infinite Flight is known for surprises as well. Remember when they surprisingly added new liveries to the Boeing 737 family like the Qantas B738 when it wasn’t expected at all? Maybe that will be the same for these Japanese liveries. Just keep your eyes peeled for anything in #announcements and smash that vote button on their respective feature requests.


@JerryC That’s not how lawsuits work. In the lawsuit itself, you’d use the LLC suffix. It does make sense.

@Chatta290 Yeah, you’re free to address them however you like. Not saying you aren’t. I’m just saying there’s a more sensible and more logical way of addressing them.

Yes - I am using the two biggest companies as examples. This is because they are well known, this is so people can compare the way they call the companies and realize it’s not sensible calling Infinite Flight “Infinite Flight LLC”.

I also don’t understand your second point - surely if we all know what Infinite Flight company is, there is no need to add the suffix to it… if you’re being really picky, it’s extra words to write and who wants that?

And about Call of Duty, I’d credit them “Thanks to all the developers and the rest of the team Call of Duty”. Not sure how this isn’t sensible?

In addition, you just proved my point. It’s not just “Blizzard” that is the name of the company, it’s “Blizzard Entertainement Corporation”. You yourself dropped the two unnecessary terms because we all know what you actually mean by Blizzard; so drop the LLC from Infinite Flight LLC.


I thought there were going to be a new Japanese livery but no:(
Hope we get it someday;)


Like I said, just keep voting for it and you will see it soon.

Also, the devs “covering their mouths” doesn’t exactly mean something is confirmed. It’s just a chance.

I thought the new Alaska 2016 livery was going to show on both the B738 and B739, but it only showed up on the B739.