Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


@Georges180305 None!


they said it’s the last one


But for 2019?


it’s for 2019 but it’s earlier…


A330 ;) Who knows it will be amazing what ever aircraft or feature.


Stay on topic please. 🙂


The live cockpit is revolutionary for Infinite Flight.


So if any developers want to awnser this, that would be fantastic but who knows…

So once you push an update, what’s the next step? Have you had some people starting to lay the ground work for what’s next? Do you all sit around and brainstorm what’s next? Or do you already have that figured out long before? Or do you just take a day off? 😂


Typically when the update button is pushed we’ve already got other features and improvements in the pipeline. Every developer works on different projects and features. When their feature is complete it’s included in the upcoming update. This is a great way to ensure things are actually ready and not pushed purely because of a strict deadline.

We commonly hear, “why not just stop making aircraft and add xyz?” Reason being is that the developer modeling aircraft has no effect on the developer that may be completing another requested feature. All developers contribute in their own way and it comes together once it’s reached the Infinite Flight standard. We’re constantly hard at work to bring you more updates and certainly no days off! Hope you’ve enjoyed this one so far and we’re extremely excited for what’s to come in 2019.


so thats why they need a rest


For the amount of work you put into this sim, a day or two off wouldn’t be so bad. You guys deserve it.🍻


I am absolutely delighted by this update ! Both the B-737 and A-10 are quite amazing in its own way.

Just realized the virtual cockpit has several default positions in the A-10 ! The IFR is great for cross check practice.
When the video was released, I hoped the HSI was functional and it is (missing some features I would love, but I can live without them)! But what really did it for me its the Flight Director ! I just tried a completely simulated IFR approach and its challenging (good practice) but also really fun.
Thank you again Infinite Flight for all your hard work. Pleasing everyone is imposible, I am just thrilled to see the evolution of this endeavor, and knowing that even greater things are coming.


Agreed they have done 2 years of work this year at least a couple days cant hurt!


Who creates the livery’s?


Nice try! #features creates the liveries. 😜


Is the SAS- retro A319 new or have I been spacing out?


@Ryan_Vince makes liveries afaik…


It’s a new addition, indeed. Special request from the one and only Sebastian. :)


I am happy for every customer who can enjoy the updated A-10 and B737 including its new liveries and features. And for sure i will do so,too.But quiet disappointing is the fact that there are liveries on aircraft that did not get any update since 4 years also they have major flaws, that, only speaking for myself, prevent me of flying them in IF. Of course i would love to fly Lufthansa around in our 747-400 but that livery is the worst of all of them and also i offered my help and send the paint guys the original color codes and all the details how to paint it correctly…nothing happened. So we have on one hand a big step forward, speaking of working instruments, wing flex added and so on,but on the other hand a Lufthansa livery that flies around since 4 years with 2! registrations on 1! aircraft, wrong colors, wrong size/position of the name, incorrect position of the grey belly line and so on.
Maybe another time. More then offering my help i could not do. But this topic is about the update and of course thank you for the update. But having such a large gap quality wise in one app is…a little bit disappointing. I think the target should be to bring everything within the simulator to one level. Doing a bit of rework here, some major rework there, but then leave other flaws totally out of view… I hope i get not ghosted for my opinion. I still love this simulator, its just great and really the biggest thank you for all the ATC controller that do an absolutely amazing job and honestly speaking: Without all the ATC controller that offer their service to us- IF would not be the simulator that makes us flying hundreds of hours to reach any grade level. Thanks to everybody and i have hope to one day fly a 747 in LH colors with one registration only painted on the aircraft.


If one of the devs could answer this that would be great but if not then I understand. I was wondering if this update was rejected at all by apple or play store like the TBM was. I know it’s kind of off topic but I was just curious. Thanks.