Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


OMG can’t believe if sucks I have so much homework rn ☹️ Thanks for the update


Giving him a hard time I see how it is


I just completed my first 737 New Livery flight!


I did too… though I forgot Comair was South African and not European so I might of accidentally flown from eham to egll with Comair livery


Yes indeed the military is so special


Wow! I just noticed they added the A-10 Nellis AFB Livery! I didn’t know they had one!


👏👏👏 Congrats to the update! So then… This is the last update? (cos there are still more to go)


Last update of 2018


oh RIP .Do ryanair have a splitted winglet?


Don’t recall seeing any


Honestly, realism aside, a livery is a livery, as long as you enjoyed it :D


No they dont.


they have…

or it’s just for the future


He’s right… using “Infinite Flight LLC” doesn’t really make any sense.

We’d prefer just “Infinite Flight”. That’s the company name 🙂 We’re not filling out tax forms here.


ok your right


Just “Infinite Flight” if you don’t mind 🙂 I’d love for our core community to use the correct term.


ok i understand that


Thank you so much! if the level of aircraft you are making with the A10 was on every aircraft who would get any other flight sim. When the A330 rework/work comes it will be amazing if at the standards of this! Thank to everyone at Infinite Flight for this you deserve a break!


oh wait the F/A 18!(old) (but ok i still love the update👍)


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