Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


My next new flight :)

737-800 Egyptair OEJN-HECA (Current)
737-900 Alaska MTL Livery KLAS-KSEA
737-800 Southwest New KBWI-KPBI (For Ya @Plane-Train-TV )
737-700 Classic One KLAS-KDAL
737-700 Illinois One KLAS-KMDW
737-800 Kulula FOAR-FACT
737-800 FlyDubai OMDB-OKBK
737-900 Alaska New KSJC-KSAN (For Ya @BigBert10 )
737-900 United KSFO-KLAX (On Casual)


Which one lol


Wow, absolutely amazing to hear a story like this, I mean that is incredible that they added the livery that saved your life. Thank you so much for protecting our country, and putting yourself in harms way so we can go about our lives! (US I assume since it says on your profile, I’m extremely sorry of I got that wrong) (and that goes for anyone who’s served in any military, you’re a special bunch…)


You posted on instagram i was in TuiFLY


That was meeeee, lol


Do not, I repeat, do not do KSFO - KLAX on TS1. You’ll regret it forever…


Looks great! I noticed that the cockpit view changed into “Captain,” which gives me hope that we will see an FO view soon!


Huge props to the developers working hard to pump this update out! The A-10 looks wonderful, especially with that live cockpit! Great work!


So sexy now…😍❤️👌🏼👍🏼🔥💥🛫


I think I saw you. Did you fly out of Amsterdam?

Amazing update guys! I love the 737, and I think the A10 might be my first favorite military plane.

Flying gun*


Nope, but out of Jeddah =D

Really enjoying this update that I might do 3 flights tonight!


Y no update 4 my iPad yet :(.


try rebooting the device or reset the app store


No, probably just hasn’t come out for my device yet.


But i thought apple released the update to all apple devices


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I didint know that they release it on diffrent devices at diffrent times but can you try rebooting?


That’s what they do with all updates, they test them on the newer device first to see if they will work smooth with the old ones.


This is getting off-topic and can be continued in PM.