Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


So"Thanks Infinite Flight Team for a great update, I love it", but “Thanks Infinite Flight LCC for a great update, but I will be filling legal charges if A350 isn’t added”?
This doesn’t make sense. People can address the developers whatever they want. We used to address them as FDS, but that isn’t their name anymore, it is Infinite Flight LCC, and it makes perfect sense to call them that.


It does not matter one bit. You are using the biggest companies in the world as examples. For a small company, particularly a game developer one it makes more sense to address the company seeing as it’s pretty well known by most of us now.

You would credit Activion or Blizzard games for anything they make not the call of duty team for example.


What’s the ground effect?


Nice video to watch


Finally, câme the Angola Airline livery.


I can’t wait to fly the A-10 for the first time!
I’ll be streaming it, so you can join and watch! Going live in 3 minutes!



On my first 737 flight from Jeddah to Cairo in an Egyptair on Training :)


Im doing a flight from Kewr to Cancun mexico i did that flight in real life on the 737 900 united and it had winglets so now i can recreate it!


I was a little surprised to see the UA and AS 738s without splits, but they weren’t delivered with them. Is that why they don’t have the split scimitars?


Probably yeah!


I just landed after 6h flight

from FNLU🇦🇴 to GVAC🇨🇻


Just Chillin Here, lol


I have to say to end off 2018 with this amzing update is all i can ask for in infinite flight(this year atleast ;) )


Thank you Dev’s for the advance X’mas gifts! You guys rock!


He’s joking! How could you take this so seriously?!


This update is amazing!


Now the devs see what people fly often (the 737’s now) it was outdated for a while and many people didint want to crash on there landings i think thats why it wasent popular


I just love calling them Infinite Flight LLC because it gives detail lol


My next flight will be in my city, São Paulo (Brazil) 🇧🇷, with the new gol 737 800 !! 🛫🛫🛫


Haha blitz i didint even know you took a photo of me on infinite flight i didint know you were there