Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Looks like the suspension was update don there 737 also! Thank you IFLLC!


Wonderfull update! The 737 family did get some love! I really like the split scimitar wingtips on them. Maybe in a next update the new Transavia livery or even the special Peter Pan Vakantieclub? Keep up the good work FDS 👏👏👏



I bet all of those are 737s being tested on cross country flights. Amazing to see 😉


They have really outdone themselves this time. Thanks FDS, I mean “Infinite Flight LLC.”. That will take a bit of getting used to. :)


I know this may sound really dumb, but what does the visor up/down feature do?


Absolutely outstanding! Thank you!


This raises and lowers the visor on the A-10 pilot’s helmet! 😎


Wow! The little details really make a difference. Thanks! :)


TUI is so Beautiful

This. Is.



Thanks for update

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What does Ground Effect do???/


This explains it very well


It makes you plane easier to land :) before, the 737 was so hard to land


Wait, which one is it?


The SAS retro livery on the A319


Ohh because he said we didn’t get to see the really cool one, lol


What? No i meant the 2016 livery on the B738 😂


This could be my OCD, but we aren’t lawyers why are people calling Infinite Flight “Infinite Flight LLC”…

You don’t call Apple “Apple Inc” or even better “Apple Corporation” or call Microsoft “Microsoft Corporation”.

Cut the LLC bit, unless you’re off suing IF for not adding the A350 😉

Bad: “Thanks Infinite Flight LLC for a tremendous update”.

Good: “Thanks to everyone on the Infinite Flight team for a temendous update”.


It’s a creative and lovely livery