Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


I can’t believe this has been added. I knew the hog was coming but this livery in the 75th FS is special to me. This unit in real life provided very real life saving close air support in Iraq for us. I literally will never forget that day. FDS team i would give you more than 5 stars on the store reviews but the reviews won’t let me go past the 5 stars. Thanks again for another wonderful update.


What is it? The retro one?


So what’s next for Infinite Flight?


Thank you for your service


Can I see a side view picture of the 737-900 new Alaska white and blue livery? I’m in school and I can’t wait to fly it.


Must be the retro one on the A319. I agree, its stunning.


what can i say ?

amazing job and cant wait to see whats next!


Sporting the new WJA 738


Wasn’t sure which one you wanted, so here are all 3.



I love this LOT Polish Airlines livery! Thanks a lot Infinite Flight LLC!


Enjoying the Warthog thanks


OK… 👇🏼👍🏼



Absolutely love that. Glad the developers added those tips on the loading screen. I’ve been asking for that feature for a while.

Putting those 10 seconds of waiting to good use! It’s a yes from me. 😁👍


Thanks that was a good idea 👍 @Nathan


I thought once you have a subscription I would get all new updates/planes etc?
Why are they not showing up when I fire up to fly?


I have an Idea for a tip “On Casual Server, Takeoff Once At a Time” 😄


Restart the app, or send a pic so I can see to help ;)


Great job Infinite Flight team! Everything looks great!


I found it 😍 That one is really amazing.


Omg. My heart just exploded. Thank you so much FDS for the early birthday present!