Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Can’t wait to fly the BA 737!I cant ask for more,this is just…Im just so grateful to have this right now


They didn’t add this specific livery to the 738 becuase this is only found on ASA’s A321 and 739.


If you look carefully they have actually tweaked the 737 cockpit slightly. The displays are less blurred than before and it has an overall fresher look!


Awesome job on the A10 much needed but the team really nailed it


This is great news. Thank you to all involved. I will get to doing a soft test for the rework and then fly to many more destinations! 😍


Wauw finaly wingflex on the B737 fleet and KLM 2015! Well done Guys 👍


Awesome job guys. In a few hours I will be rotating in the brand new 737.


why is the united and delta airlines livery on there for the b739?


Because they have 739s irl.


No I am on iOS.


Wow! So many clocks in the A-10 cockpit!
(Why are there so many clocks?)


Yeah, another SAS livery! Tack så jättemycket! Heja Infinite Flight :D


I just tried out the kulula, the plane is awesome!


OFF to Kandahar!
Scramble time!


You still haven’t found the really cool one… it’s a personal Easter egg of mine that i managed to get sneaked in (i didn’t create it, just had it made for me several months ago)


Called the SAS Retro livery on the A319, oops did I just give it away…


Just curious, what does the visor do on the A-10? I see no thing happening with it enabled


It raises and lowers the visor on the pilot’s helmet.


Cool! Never noticed that


Just tested the landing and got the air speed I want and when to flare. This may tie the CRJ7 as my favorite aircraft to fly especially the 738. 😍😍😍