Infinite Flight 18.6 Release

Reinstall IF and enjoy flying spice jet👀

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Awesome update Infinite Flight LLC. Thanks for an early holiday present.
See you all next year. Can’t wait for another year of flying this amazing mobile flight simulator.


This is not the place to requests features. Head over the the #features category and look up the liveries you’d like in the game!

Great job guys! A long haul 737 BBJ! You guys are incredible!

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What does the United -700 and -900 look like?

What a beautiful film! I’ll be making one on the A-10 as some have heard. It’s gonna be inteeeeeeense!!! 👍🏻

I have to say this update was better than Global. I wasnt one to see what all the fuss was about with working cockpits but now I do. Will be so much more fun not using HUD view in cockpit view to land and cant wait for it to be on other aircraft in the future. The A10 is so much fun to fly and IF nailed everything about it from the engine sounds, to the flight instruments, to the liveries (no bombs on Alaska livery now? sad face here). Also the new app icon is beautiful and really tells of that quality app feel just by looking at it. 5 star from me on the google play store with an updated comment now. Great job IF


Is it normal that infinite flight is now 7.0 GB?

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It looks like the American text is a bit smushed…

So your saying that we need to put pressure on them to get that imagery done then? JK I know how cloudy SA gets during the winter time having lived down there especially around the equator with nearly yearly thunderstorms. Am surprised they are still hoping for this year for it.

The A-10 is very detailed as you can see. More details = bigger file which takes up some space. So yes, it’s normal.

is it smoother than the others like on the A320?

I’m sure you all agree, but this new update is absolutely superb. I have put the a-10 to aside for a while so I can fully appreciate the iPad Pro 12.9 optimisation and the new 737, soft-rework.

That being said, the A-10 is just amazing right, I’m sure this is the beginning of a special new era for infinite flight…I might need a little help from the team to get those landings right, jeez…real life physics or what!!!

My tradition for a new upgrade is to fly from my local airport (Humberside) to Amsterdam with KLM; my next flight…well, I have the whole of South Africa to explore with Comair in our new BA 737-8!

Cheers Infinite Flight!


It’s a big planet :)

Colour correcting (so everything looks the “same” despite images being taken in different conditions) and processing of it all takes a significant amount of time. We can’t wait to get it and share it as soon as it’s ready!

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Great job by the IFlLLC team ( easier saying FDS but we all know what we mean!(

Look forward to download and uploading the new aircraft!

Thanks again…

Can anyone confirm the presence of that weird emergency exit door near the back of the 739?

Hey, and southamerica When? I fly for South america and is of clay…

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Lot polish airlines!! YES ! Although i cannot connect into IF.

How can I be patient watching players from Europe, Asia and North America flying with beautiful images and gives us South America flying with Blur image. I have to wait, but. Is. Being one. Great Disappointment. :-(


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