Infinite Flight 18.6 Release

One thing I’m sorta upset about is lack of BRrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrRrrrt lol


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Can someone PM me images of the United 737-700 and 900. Also Illinois One? I cant access IF right now and I would like to see them. Thanks.

I am a bit disappointed …

I have recently renewed my subscription with the hope of adding several new airlines, regarding pegasus Airlines … however the same ones are always added. Delta, America, Southwest and Alaska … There must be variety … I will enjoy the 1 year abo something but after the year it is unfortunately over for me I have the impression that I am no fun anymore … I know that the American community is strong but you should also think of a balance … It is not a resignation of the team, they perform great things that you can see but as I said it must be something for me that I have fun again …

Beautiful Day/Night



I don’t see any SpiceJet 🤔


A great disappointment to. Me this update, was in the hope that South America would be in HD.
The impression it gives is that you are not importing South America as there are not many players.

Let’s just be happy about what we did get! :-)



I’ve been waiting so long… and now, its FINALLY HERE!


Yes!! So excited for the working gauges! Only means a promising future for the big jets now!


Never mind… I just restarted the app lol

@DeerCrusher what was your favourite livery? cause mines Mango

We’re currently waiting for South American and other remaining scenery from our imagery supplier. We’re hoping to receive it before the end of the year - so as soon as we get it, we’ll process it and push the scenery. Thanks so much for your patience!


They have stated many times that South America would not come with this update. Just be patient and it will come eventually.

Im kinda hoping we have an A-10 and 737 themed FNF this week!


-700BBJ Infinite Flight 2018
-800 Southwest Heart
-900 More to Love


They do look beautiful 🙄😃

We added a wide selection of liveries from around the world in this update (including new Asian and African liveries not featured in Infinite Flight). As mentioned, we only have a limited amount of time and resources, so we try and strike a balance between what’s been requested and what is feasible in a limited space of time.

Continue voting for the liveries you want, there is a chance they will be added in a future update :)


It’s here!! I don’t have a sub though 😡😭

You don’t need a sub, the A-10 remains free! ;)

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Guys! Reinstall If to get Spice Jet Livery

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We’d love to! Be sure to vote for it: