Infinite Flight 18.6 Release

Hi. I’m just wondering is infinite flight available on pc?

Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s only on Mobile Devices

As of right now, No.

Although, if you’d like to see IF on PC, check out the topic below:

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Ok will it ever be on pc or will it always only be on mobile devices?

Ok. And would u know how I get rid of votes. I go on my profile and under votes but it says there’s no votes but whatever I try to vote it says I can’t. Can you help. Thank you.

You are currently TL0. You need to be TL1 (Trust Level 1) in order to gain voting. Keep progressing to be an active, beneficial user and you’ll get there in no time!

PM me for further questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

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Very cool and every time I fly in infinite flight I appreciate your hard work and dedication in every aspect


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I’ve been waiting for the A-10 to be redone for soooooo long!
Second greatest day ever!
(My first greatest is meetin my best friend)

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Love the update but the loading screen tips? Straight off of X-Plane 11

A lot of games have loading screen tips… they’re not exclusive to X-Plane 11.


What’s wrong with that? Who’s says they copied off X-Plane. Infinite Flight is bigger than ever before Obviously, and with the numbers growing fast, it’s about time we had tips on the loading screen to help new users.


So the fact that they have planes is also copied from x-plane I presume?


I love the new update it looks awesome!!!

This is a big step forward for IF by offering these small but helpful tips and overall improving the effectiveness of the loading in screen by offering more to look at and take in given flights do take a wee while to load up. This should hopefully educate people little by little or make them more aware of the tutorials, community etc so it’s trully something I’m happy to see. As for your claims that it’s straight from X-plane well it’s not. Most games from Fortnite to GTA have utilised the loading in screens for displaying tips, it’s easier to note down games/sims that don’t do this as it’s a prime spot for educating users of the software.


Its been admitted previously that almost all the airport statistical data for global originally came from X-plane…so technically you cannot deny the connection in any case !!!

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Appreciate the addition of the rework and especially the Virgin Aus 737-8FE livery!


Flaps 10 at 20,000ft?


that is a bit fast 😂


Seem’s as I have missed a ton during my absence, this is just amazing!


You lost your Regular status along the way :(

But while you were gone, my favorite update of the year came out and I absolutely love it