Infinite Flight 18.6 Release

This is QUITE the Christmas gift. I can die happy now lol.

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I’ve restarted my devise and the app several times and it is still crashing on the loading page…

Thanks for the update Guys,I’m never sleeping again.

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If you guys haven’t already, I’d definitely try and fly some patterns with the A-10. It is my favorite aircraft on the sim to fly controlled, quick patterns. It’s maneuverability makes it so easy to make tight turns! This was an awesome update devs, thanks!


I totally agree. It handles amazingly well and is fun to fly.

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@C-0_407, that picture is not a 737 with splits, it is a MAX with the Advanced technology winglets, they are different things…

MAX Advanced Technology winglet

737 NG split scimitar


Hmmm…didn’t I tell you that like a long time ago…using the exact same pictures… 😂

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Honestly you might have given that they are the best pictures of the two I could find… (thanks if you did, honestly so many things I’ve learned from this community, so I like to pass it on!

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Their working on it.

I don’t think you don’t want to sleep, trust me, I’ve learned the hard way

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There is :) on the B737-800

I honest, i want to say thank you to FDS for giving us a special update. I really enjoyed it today😀😉☺


love this update i hope it get more better 2019 love yall infinite flight crew thank you keep it up with the good work


I bet y’all at infinite flight are partying right now because it’s one small step for man and one giant leap for infinite flight


Screenshot_20181206-071646 !


First off cool. Then your holding the phone backwards. Then really cool

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ahhh, beautiful wingflex

Don’t add full power on takeoffs

Thanks for a great year of updates! The development team continues to surpass expectations!


Literally just by adding wingflex to the 737, it is now the only plane I fly.