Infinite Flight 18.6 Release


Infinite Flight has released its 6th update of 2018, focusing on a complete rework of one of their veteran aircraft in the fleet: the A-10. This aircraft was one of the first in the simulator and is now the first to feature a cockpit with working gauges. The 737 also received some much-needed work with the addition of wing flex, ground effect, and more.

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To Our Community Members

18.6 is on its way to your mobile store! The link above is our official announcement, but I wanted to reach out with a bit more detail for those of you that invest so much time, energy and passion into our community. This is an exciting update for us and we’re so excited to share it with you.

A-10 Rework

The focus of the update is the A-10 and now you can see why! This update really does set the bar higher for aircraft design with working gauges. As you may have noticed from the article or other sources online, many of our recent models are equipped with cockpits that are ready for working instruments. Our 3D artists have been busy building more complex aircraft that are ready for our developers to implement these new features. The A-10, while confusing as a rework to some, was an important decision for this very reason.

Here is the full list of features for the A-10:

  • 9 New Liveries
  • Flight and Landing Spoilers
  • Pilot with Animated Visor
  • Cockpit with working gauges
  • Animated Suspension
  • New Sounds
  • Animated Canopy
  • Aerial Refueling

B737 Updates

If you’re a member of this community, you’re very familiar with the discussions around aircraft work vs. a full rework. You can read an entire article about that here. We have done some work on the 737. Some call it a “soft rework”. The debates have been had about whether or not some features should be added over others. No matter what side of the fence you land on here, we’re happy to present some much-needed improvements to the B737 fleet.

  • Autoland (APPR)
  • 30+ New Liveries
  • New Wheels
  • Wing flex
  • Split Scimitar Winglets
  • Ground Effect
  • Pilots
  • New Strobe Light Timings
  • APU Strobe

Here is the full list of liveries for both aircraft and all variants:

737-700 737-800 737-900 BBJ A-10
KLM (2015) Virgin Australia Spice Jet Infinite Flight 2018 175th Wing Warfield ANG
SAS WebJet Alaska N493AS 188th Wing Fort Smith
TAAG Angola Airlines Southwest Heart livery Alaska new 25th FS Osan AB
Fiji Airways Arik Air United Airlines 303rd FS Whiteman AFB
United Airlines Fly Dubai Sriwijaya Air 343rd Wing Eielson AFB
Southwest Original South African Airways Malindo Air 354th FS Davis-Mothan AFB
Southwest Illinois One Egypt Air Delta Air Lines 66th WS Nellis AFB
TUI Fly 75th FS Moody AF
Kulula Arctic Camo
LOT Polish Airlines
British Airways - Comair
American Airlines - Astrojet
American Airlines - Old
American Airlines - TWA

Please enjoy and happy landings!

Boeing 737 Rework
Southwest Airlines 737-700 “Illinois One” livery
Alaska 737-900ER (More to Love)
American Airlines 737-800 (old livery)
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 (Illinois One livery)
LOT Polish Airlines 737-800
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