Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


So true! They can’t take a break from good old airliners.

  • TBM 930
  • Airliners

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Let’s see who think what.


Its hard to vote for that, I don’t prefer one over the other. I fly what I want to fly, when I want to fly it. Sometimes the TBM doesn’t fit the flight I want to fly, or maybe I’m just not in the mood to fly airliners. It depends, and I don’t think a poll could really show what people prefer.


Me personally, I don’t have much time in my day to do short hauls with any aircraft. Long hauls fit my schedule a lot better. Now, most of the airliners aren’t as good as the TBM, but I still fly them because I like them. It’s nothing against the TBM. It’s an amazing plane and I can see all of the hard work FDS put into it. The problem is, I don’t have the time 😕


That’s a funny contradiction - “I only have time to do long hauls”. Lol.

But yeah, i get it;

  • Takeoff
  • Reach cruise
  • Leave and hope your device didn’t explode or that your aircraft made an unplanned landing in the middle of the ocean
  • Get home in time for descent
  • Land.


IMHO…an airliner or multi engine aircraft is primarily designed to transfer pax not teach aviating which you learn in single engine props and turboprops in your quest for your initial ppl if you choose to be a pilot …that said it is much easier to get spoiled by the AP and other automatic features of an airliner than actually taking whatever time you need to sufficiently learn even the rudimentary principles and objectives of actual aviating… so in essence you are trying to bridge two different worlds and cannot reliably compare why one type is more popular than the other for whom it may concern as that is almost entirely based on personal preference after considering the aforementioned aspects l have delineated


It’s all the people in the casual server that say
Oh woah it’s so big I’m going to fly it!!


We’re really grateful for the fantastic support and patience you’ve shown us regarding release! More amazing things to come in the future :)