Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


yes at times more power needs to be put into the rudder movement but at others a little movement goes a long way. should hopefully get used to it with some practice


The current rudder profile irritates me so much. Slow and ponderous at low speed and at high speed, the aircraft veers off the runway. I was so preoccupied with keeping the plane on the runway that I couldn’t even operate the reverse thrust.


You would not like the TBM if it was not the way it is. New things take time to get used to. :)


Practice will reduce that irritation that you may have. I was telling someone in another topic, dedicate some time to patterns and you’ll fine tune those skills in no time. I’ve seen a lot of other folks doing quite well with this new rudder update so I think it would be fair to say that its being received quite well. Practice, practice, practice. I have faith you’ll get the hang of it.


When are there going to be lights at night… can you use the same thing google maps but at night time, love the game kinda disappointing when you taxi and fly in total darkness


Well not if you fly during night in real life with lights off


You can vote for it here if you are referring to lights on the inside. :)


I was not referring to anything


Sorry it’s just what you said made it sound like you were. Sorry. :)


I think @Jesse_Lolli was referring to this:


No I toatally understand and you don’t need to be sorry


Precisely why I added this. :)


Yeah I know, I’m just sharing my interpretation of his comment. We can continue this in a PM if you’d like. 😁


I’m not talking about lights inside I’m talking about lights for the cities around the world… instead of flying and you can’t see anything till your close to your destination than the airport lights come on, we need city lights etc…


Just found that sadly, the TBM is fazing out. I guess GA aircraft just isn’t many peoples thing 🤷‍♂️. It was a nice faze 😣, it will be remembered 😌 🤤


How is the A380 more popular?


I was just thinking that, I guess it’s mostly people in the training server flying it, personally I don’t like flying it 🤷‍♂️


I agree, even the CRJ is far easier to fly now. There is a much more functional rudder, while it’s a bit fiddly while taxiing it matters where it counts, while at high speeds!


I would like clarification on one point that being if you do not disconnect the linked with ailerons setting on the main setup page will you still have some control over the rudder in windy conditions or will it be too sluggish or unpredictable to perform properly to offset that variable


The reason is mostly because a lot of pilots tried the TBM when it came out but have since reverted back to their good old airliners. Sadly, some people just can’t get away from them, even if the TBM is clearly the better aircraft…