Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


I think he is trying to say that the aircraft he used back then now need pro to use, and he is saying that he doesn’t want to have to pay anymore.


Simply press restore purchases on the aircraft selection screen in ‘fly solo’ and you’ll be able to download those aircraft for free again.


About to renew my subscription so I can fly the TBM for the first time 😂 can’t wait


Definitely worth it in my opinion as it is so far above anything we’ve seen in the GA class.
Enjoy your flight!


Were new liveries added to the Q400?


No, there wasn’t. 🙂


No new Liveries were added like Lachy said, just the TBM and a few other things as listed above! :)


I forgot why I didn’t heart this post in the first place. 😂🤦‍♀️


Where did you get that chart if I may inquire?


This is the website, made by Chris Shaffer.


I’m praying that either the A330 or A340 update is next as they desperately need it!!1


Let’s wait and see what is at RAF Cosford :)


anybody elses rudder a bit stiff when on ground after the update? makes it very difficult to taxi.


The rudder is no longer linear but instead has a bit of a curve on the input vs output. This change was intended to help with crosswind takeoffs and landings but I also found that it made taxiing with precision significantly easier after getting used to it.


ah ok, any tips? my plane feels like its sliding a little too much, also quite difficult to taxi off the runway with a bit of speed when being asked to expedite


The change in the rudder is to bring a closer behavior to reality or just to facilitate the handling in the sim?


A little bit of both. Keeping things real was a necessity in a flight sim such as Infinite Flight in this case. Some challenges were brought up when in beta testing aircraft under certain weather conditions, and part of the reason the rudder is the way it is now is because of this.

With this said, you will find that the control inputs (rudder) when on the ground is much more smooth and not as “jerky” from previous updates.


Pretty clear. Thanks for answering.


feels slightly more ‘slippier’ to me if that makes sense, the rudder itself is very stiff, at points the movement of the plane is ok but at others its really hard to control. also when a little speed is added, for example landing and exiting the runway its really easy for the plane to spin out of control and handle


I can see that, and that’s an accurate observation. One thing to note is that small corrections need to be made. I’ve found that when I make too much of a correction with the rudder, it tends to turn me skidding down the runway sideways. 😅

When I make a turn in the TBM, I try to keep the speed at or below 15kts so that I’m not sliding all over the place. The faster you go the higher the tendency to slide is when on the ground.