Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


One of the things I forgot to add into that was that it’s easier and more realistic to turn off auto-coordination. Give it a try sometime and see what feels better. It might take a little while to get use to. But it’s definitely worth it.


I turned auto-coordination off when the CRJ700 was released. Can’t believe I didn’t do it long before then… Feels much better to control the aircraft.


What’s the best Altitude to fly at to look at the scenery?


The TBM is the most used plane right now by far! :)


I go away camping and of course that’s when you release the TBM! Oh well, thanks so much to @ Laura and the team!


Well I let my subscription lapse for a few days but with all the talk of the TBM I had to renew and I’m glad I did. Great job the TBM is awesome. I love the detail and its great to have such a high performance general aviation aircraft in the sim. Looking forward to the weekend event!


The same problems when on ground. It is what I tryed to explane yesterday here.
It is difficult to turn the plane on ground. The Rud and yoke have big null zone when I try to turn… And it is after update…



That’s not for this topic. I would suggest posting in #thirdparty for something along those lines buddy.

Happy hunting!


Can we turn off the annoying ambient noise? This is not necessary while doing ATC and leaves a hiss in the ear after taking out headphones for a good while.


Yes you can, turn off SFX volume in the audio settings.


By tuning SFX off what else do you lose?


Aircraft noise I think, not 100% sure


Yes your right, you can’t hear any engine start ups and when your in flight mode you don’t get any aircraft sounds, so really not a great fix.


The rudder control buff is amazing! Just tried it with the A320 and A321 in a 19G25kt direct crosswind! Helps immensely on the de-rotation and rollout!


Exciting! With city and ambient sounds it will add a touch to the realism. Cool!


All in all, this update is really cool! I love the TBM as well as the ambient noise! Can’t wait to see what the next update has for us!


Will the new flaps and landing gear sounds be implemented on all planes forthcoming?


I’m a veteran player and all the planes I bought before now have to buy pro to play, but I don’t think I can accept it now.


This makes no sense, can you explain a little better?