Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


I’m sorry, I should’ve been a little clearer. Could I fly as a grade 1 to somewhere like New York or Honolulu?


Of course you can! Grade doesn’t limit where you can fly other than the actual server.


This is awesome- thanks for all your improvements and hard work


Great Job Moderators and all the people that worked on this airplane that is amazing !! Really Thanks !!


This is getting off topic and Im done arguing with someone who clearly is missing what is being said. IF doesnt show you TAS so you have to figure out what IAS you need for Mach because you’re Mach wont show up as an AP setting until FL280 so you need to figure out what TAS is at with IAS to get the correct Mach value. If you want to go set your AP to 330 in IF and climb to FL280 be my guest but that will be overspeeding in the TBM because 330kts IAS (what IF shows on your HUD) isnt 330 TAS. You have to go backwards to go forwards.


Incredible update as always this hits a soft spot as i have actually done annual inspections on a TBM before. Thanks again for all your hard work


In the new TBM, what percentage increments of detail (or whatever scale you use), are added/hidden in every LOD (level of detail) system from LOD0 to LOD3?


So about this, IDK if this has already been posed, but if I am already sighned in prep update all my stats are being saved to my google account still? The way I understand it that is how it is working but I don’t want to get it mixed up and lose hours of flights…


Infinite Flight will know who you are, even if you’re not logged in to your Google account. If you’re on a new device immediately after updating, or a device that’s not logged into the same Apple ID (for example) as when you purchased, you have the option to sign in using Facebook or Google to retrieve the account.

If you have an issue and don’t see the account with the stats that you should, drop a line to our support team and they’ll be happy to assist. Your data won’t be lost!


Okay thank you :)


Ok, thanks. I was very confused and didn’t wanna rack up a thousand violations in one night. Thanks for the help. Happy landings!


After a last update to control plane on ground is heavier…


That’s a little bit unspecific. There are numerous airframes in if which all have different behaviour.
Are you sure it’s not just crosswinds?


IF shows your Mach in the bottom left hand corner. You can control your Speed until you reach that specific Mach which you will see in the bottom left hand corner above the map. And yes, TAS is different than IAS. I explained this in earlier posts. I believe you are the one who is “clearly missing what is being said.”


It is on speed 10-30 knt.
It is different after update.


Again, wich airframe, wich airport, wich weather…
No one can try to reproduce your experience if you’re not telling some basics.
What did you mean with different?
Have you tried in solo with no winds?

I can continue those basic questions but I think that it doesn’t belong to this thread.
Get the answers to the question I have noted above in a new Topic in General and you might get explanations or help, or at least you will find others with the same issues.


That’s interesting that this is part of the update because for me its always been that way. Really enjoying the new features though!


Im having trouble with some of the planes, like it is so hard to turn and its harder to control them



Thanks devs! Just updated on my iPad. It’ll be fun to experiment with this aircraft!