Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


M 0.55 Its on the takeoff tutorial.


thank you si the perfect answer

I also love all the caremas added to the TBM, it could very good to have them on commercial planes…(My favorite is the central cockpit between the 2 pilots seats ) with some GOPRO perspectives

I’m in love

ps: I would to notice that the TBM prop imagery is PERFECT !!!


Is it normal after update, that the control of the aircraft (I am currently flying a B777-F) on ground has changed?


Mach isnt a single value. The mach showing can be anywhere from 325-330 in IF and varies on your crossover altitude. It is also worth noting that you dont have the option to set Mach speed until you are above FL280 in IF thus finding IAS to TAS is more important and more apllicable than straight converting TAS to Mach


Fantastic work at IF! I’ve been an enthusiast of this app since launch. Keep up the fantastic work guys, can’t wait to see what else you churn out. SB479


Yes. They have updated the control on ground to make taxiing straight easier


Now going to change my aircraft in IFGAC to the TBM


whens the ios update


It’s already out. I have it on my iPad right now.


i dont have option to update


have you tried refreshing your updates page in the app store?


i did i just typed in infinte flight in the serch menu and it came up


What device do you have


Hi Jasón. I’m kind of new to the live servers. I’m wondering if there were any restrictions as to where I could fly.


At KASE and KEGE, no aircraft larger than a 757 or A321 is allowed to fly there.


Yes as @Dylan_M stated the DEN area and I think somewhere in India


Aspen (KASE), Eagle, (KEGE), and Lukla (VNLK) all have restrictions @Josh_Oletsky.

I hope this helped you,


Could the Biman Bangledesh Callsign mean something or was it just added in there? I won’t be able to fly the TBM or anything to do with live until December, but thank you for the ambient noises! As always, amazing jobs with your updates and best of luck in the future! Apple can be a hassle.


First of all, Mach is a decimal number, and second, you can still always see your Mach number in the bottom left hand corner above the map.
-Michigan Red


Also, the speeds on tbms website are in TAS, thus meaning that we should convert those speeds to Mach speed. (That’s what this started from.)