Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


It is not restricted to only live mode. You’ll be able to hear the sounds in solo as well.

The city sounds can be heard when your engine is off and when you’re sitting on the ramp. You may have to turn up the volume if nothing can be heard. The sounds will resemble that of cars and trucks driving on a nearby highway.

The other scenery sound you will hear will be a result from wind. If you’re on the ramp and say the winds are 25G40kts, you will notice that a “whooshing” sound will be louder than that of winds calm. You can verify this when you’re flying along as well. If you’re in cruise, you have a tailwind of say 100kts, and you throw the camera view into Free Cam you’ll at first hear and see the plane flying away, until the sound of the wind begins to take over. Its really neat stuff.


This update is amazing! FDS never fails to impress me! The engine startup sound is beautiful!


Is the city sound just heard if a highway is near or everywhere?


Any airport will have these sounds.


Everywhere because I heard it at Lukla Airport


Great job FDS!! Ya did it again👏🏼👏🏼


Thank you so much FDS! All your hard work has finally paid off! Can’t wait to see what is next!


I took a Decathlon up and cut the throttle at a safe altitude. As I slowed down to around 60 knots, I could barely hear the wind. I stalled, and maintained the dive for a little bit to speed up to 120 knots — the wind noise was noticeably louder. A great feature by FDS!


That would work if IF displayed TAS that is why he needs to convert IAS to TAS as the speeds listed are TAS.


I FINALLY have the update on my phone (puts the android tablet back in the attic)


(please ignore the fact I have 37 other updates to do :P)


The speeds on the tbm website are listen in TAS… which you can convert directly to Mach in the calculator I linked.( )


I flew 3:00 hours allready!!!


Just updated. The TBM is super fun to fly but tbh my favorite feature of this update is the ambient noise. It makes the game soooo much better


Does the TBM not have a beacon, or did we forget it?


No, the TBM does not have a beacon light. :)


Which kind of exterior sounds were added?


I’m absolutely LOVING this TBM and I wasn’t even that excited about this update initially. I bite my tongue, I think I’ll be flying this a lot for the foreseeable future. Does anyone know what the max Mach speed is at cruise (FL310)? I know typically it’s around Mach .51, but how far can you push it in real life?


Of the TBM only the nice realistic Turbo-Prop sounds but for the new Ambient Wind, Cars etc… sound was added when you are on ground


i just downloaded the update and BOY AM I EXCITED TO FLY THE TBM


Forgot to look 😂. TBM930s a good little craft