Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


You may end up having to turn your device further than you have had to in the past. Maybe before you would turn it 45 degrees to make a full turn. Now you may have to turn it closer to 60degrees.

A little test you could try is taxi in a straight line and turn your device 90degrees. If it turns sharp, that’s good. Go back to taxiing straight again and slowly turn until you find where the maximum turn is and note the position of your device to determine how aggressive you needed to turn your device.


I love the new rudder and steering affects on the ground, it’s more realistic and my I pad and I phone can make little movements. Now the plane stays streight! :D


Hi, FDS. I downloaded your update this morning but I am getting some weird white squares all around the screen. I cleared my cache after I spawned in and it was all blue, but the white squares won’t go away. My settings haven’t changed, I never use the landing aid, nor do I see other players names. I have probable cause to believe that they may be TBM planes and I only say this because when I spawned into an active ATC airportat all of the TBM planes started out as the same white squares before fully loading.


Screenshot please? :)


They are called airplane dots. You can toggle them on and off in the settings in the live section.


Brilliant Work guys! Just keeps getting better and better.


That worked :). Thank you, @Trio. Not sure why the TBM is the only aircraft that’s ever showed up for, and iv had that unchecked since I started IF a year ago.


With VFR flight becoming more common and planes sometimes don’t render from far away, it is nice to have a clear view of where traffic is. If it’s not for you then it’s nice you can turn it off. :)


Yea im working with only one good eye now so it was very distracting lol. Thank you!


Yeeeeees gonna be flying it right now!!!


Yes I have already checked that. I have it set so they are not hidden. I still am unable to see all names.


That’s normal if there’s a large traffic volume. The game can’t render everyone’s name at once (trust me, if it was like that, you would not want to use the option, period).


Anyone knows what this means? Is this new feature available for every airport or for only certain airports or am I just not getting it?


Just woken up to 1 update in the App Store, wonder what it could be😏

TBM 930 Route Suggestions

Thanks FDS! Update came out right before FNF 😀


Yes! Just came out!!!


Everywhere, every aircraft, you can now hear wind and sometimes city noises


I just completed an Atlantic crossing in the TBM from Newfoundland to Jersey


Just got my TBM!!! Thank you all on IF, can’t wait to try it!


After updating it says I now need pro in order to use any livery but generic and infinite flight on the CRJ-200