Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


I’m confused. What’s the bug? The panel inside your red circle looks like a standard control panel. It appears to may be a radio control board.


Cheers!New you could do it FDS!!!😁😁🙂🙂😂😂😂


What type of routes does the TBM fly, how long are they and stuff like that.


My IFAE guys are already loving it!!!


uh nothing happened


Did you do it in Live or solo?


Can you change male and female, I saw someone added a couple pilot to the cockpit


i did it on live



Ok, well, it should look something like this. It’s essentially information/restrictions regarding that particular airport.


So the update is out on iOS?


Yes. For about 6 hrs now :D


Awesome job FDS, the engine startup sound and the aircraft itself blew me away! In order to celebrate here’s a video of some of the sights and sounds of the TBM for those who either A. Can’t or don’t feel like flying it yet or B. Haven’t received the update yet which I believe is nobody


I have been living under a rock. Sorry, a boulder. No, a mountain. In fact, I think I’m living in the core of the Earth.


I can’t seem to veiw your video. Is it uploaded directly from your album? If so, you’ll have to upload it to YouTube and then to here as Discouse does not allow uploading videos from your album.


It’s a google file give it a bit ;)


My infinity app not working but show on screen account is invalid


Tbm is nice. Are the new rudder physics just for the tbm or for every airplane?


Got the update 😱😱!! Thanks FDS! It’s amazing :))


The rudder is new for all aircraft across the board. You may notice that there is a lot of “play” from the neutral to the early indications of a turn. That’s normal. As you move the rudder further to the left or the right, the rate of the turn (while on the ground) will increase.


I’ve noticed just using the ailerons for turning on the ground does almost nothing. That’s part of the rudder rework?