Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


Please ensure you do not have airplane names hidden by going to settings —> live —> hide airplane names.


Group form is how us professionals do it… lol


Either the Concorde or a CAP C172 (For those of you who don’t know what CAP is, look up ‘Civil Air Patrol.’


We need a CAP aircraft :P


The issue should be resolved as Laura has resolved the issue.


I would love to fly as CAP :)


As a member, It would please me ☺️


Laura you did a great job with the new update you guys deserve a huge round of applause with your updates. I can’t even thank you enough every time you guys send a update I’m speechless 😶


The TBM is such an amazin aircraft I love it!!


Man just did my first flight and this bird is definitely a gem. Infinite Flight took a huge step forward today!


how does the NOTAM work?


Same. I am in the CAP Program.


If you try to spawn at an airport with a NOTAM, it will advise you of it.


I think I have found a bug.


Flying in the Himalayas


OK, I don’t even know why my post was flagged lol but what I’m saying is that they like to tease us sure, but I think a lot of it is just not being able to tell us when things are released, I agree with you though


Sadly I need to go to school 😑


but what is it exactly


great stuff. great team. great sim


it’s a NOtice To Airmen. Try spawning in at KASE and you’ll see what I mean