Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


Just did still says that’ll


So with the TBM release today… The real question is…


I’m hoping for the Concorde.


I think the A-10 Rework or 737 Rework will come next.


Literally the TBM just came out

Why are we on this topic already??


Well could you try and could you try and log out and then back into live?


Hey, Dan’s the one who brought it up. I was just giving my opinion.


I think, you think, we all think…
Let’s keep it on what this topic celebrates - the release of Version 18.5.
Get out and enjoy the TBM & all the other fun features! :)


thank you very much for the information, infinite flight will always be my favorite simulator since it has the vast majority of aircraft


The TBM-930 is a luxury! Congratulations to FDS for the development.


Chill my dude, its a joke


Even though there have been 500 positive replies on this topic and the TBM is AMAZING, it looks to me like much of the community still prefers commercial aircraft over GA. I conducted a poll and it looks like many people would rather have 2 commercial aircraft reworked over 10 GA aircraft. Interesting…


I’m aware… Just making sure you know that the TBM just came out you know… Dont want to get into the whole new conversation of This and That :)


For anyone who has the update, how is the new ambient sound?


I think what you should do is, after a few weeks conduct the same to see if the outcome has changed. I’ve seen comments so far with people saying, “this was better than they were expecting”. I have a feeling that margin may be closer now than what your poll currently shows.


So good!

Listen to the wind is calming for 1…

The TBM start-up and shutdown sounds is to die for!


It’s the little things that count, and the ambient exterior sound adds more realism that one would think. The TBM is an absolute joy to fly, beautiful physics and sounds.

FDS, you lot are legends.


I will! ;)



I’m having trouble seeing other planes callsigns. It used to be a white box and the callsign and the stats of that plane. Alt Speed ETC. Bow I only have the white box, can someone help?