Infinite Flight 18.5 Release

Thank you again for your hard Work. Only one more week and some hours till i finally can hug you 😜
Let‘s get serious again, I really appreciate your work. A new Airplane is the result we see, but I‘d like to thank you also for the work you do behind the scenes which we actually can‘t see. In the last days, there was a discussion growing up again about the Price we have to pay. I hope, with this updates people start to see that it‘s worth to pay, because you really do a great Job.

And to my fello iOS Users, don‘t be disappointed to wait a little longer, we allready waited many weeks for this, so some more days don‘t hurt 🤗😏
See y‘all in the Skies, happy flying and enjoy the TBM 🤝❤️


We are still awaiting this from our satellite imagery provider - they are still predicting before the end of the year. We will be able to make it available in the app as soon as we get it, all hope is not lost yet!


There are not. Just the new liveries for the TBM and the updated callsigns for the various airlines as noted. 🙂


iOS Users:

*Breathes in

*Screams inside head REEEEEEEEE

Says out loud: Patience is a virtue.



This is probably very irrelevant but who’s going to Flight sim show?

We have a nice group coming next week! Continue on this thread and see who else you know is going:


Thank god I found my android tablet in my attic!! Here we go !!! Thanks FDS and to all the testers for making it possible.

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Maybe one day “group” format will be a thing?

Canada 1056 for an airline should actually be

“Canada ten fifty six”

November prefixes should be individually read…


Oh cool thank god i have an Android tablet


How long does the fuel last in this plane? (Oh god Swiss joined)

When is the update going to be released for iOS? It’s just that I can’t play Infinite Flight right now because the interface is pretty messed up on the XS Max. Otherwise, good job!


Talk to @Cameron about that one ;)


As soon as the rollout on Android is complete, we’ll release to iOS. I know how frustrating it is trying to fly on the new iPhone, so thanks so much for your patience :)


We’ll sit tight… :)


I currently on my secondary IF account on my android tablet and enjoying all the new features.

Props to you FDS amazing job the TBM looks buetiful. Also I am blown away with the ambient sounds they are amazing!

I’m an iOS user, but that’s not what I’m thinking.



I haven’t got the update yet,I use android

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Is the update released on Android today? because I can not see it?
and thank you very much for your effort and work to bring us the best in infinite flight !!

Not everyone will get it at the same time.

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The update looks amazing! Great job IF!! I’m praying that it comes to IOS soon. My school flooded from rain storms so I’m out for a couple days. It would be the perfect time to enjoy it. 🤞🏻