Infinite Flight 18.5 Release

Wait… I can’t hear the supposed city sounds… plus all the terrain is blue lol

Please don’t tell I’m hallucinating but do I see engine exhaust now? It’s that blurry stuff I see behind jet engines. I’ve seen it three times now on other aircraft.

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Yes, it definitely is. The way Levet described it is probably the best way to describe the aircraft. It is a dream to fly. It will definitely get a lot of flight time with me. All I need now is more time.

Does anyone have an idea what are these numbers converted into mach speeds?


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Use an online website that allows you to convert your IAS to TAS.

Good time to give the app TBM Performance a shout-out. Pretty amazing little app. :)

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Played around with the TBM, my favourite part was the texturing and the attention to detail FDS have put into it. Seeing the sun’s reflection off the wing blew me away even tho it might not have been the highlight of the aircraft

p.s. this is not really a complaint as it does not bother 99% of the people playing IF, however I was wondering if in the next update the stutter when using free-cam in replay mode could be minimised as the stutter didn’t exist prior to the 18.3 update.


KTAS is True Air speed in knots… KIAS is Indicated air speed in knots… So @Finnaviation Just needs TAS to Mach. Also you need a few other variables to calculate the mach speed. It also tends to vary by pressure altitude. That site is great for calculating air speeds. Hope this helps
-Michigan Red
Also, 252 KTAS at FL310 would be around 0.43 Mach.
330 KTAS at FL310 would be around 0.56 Mach.

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Haha, I most certainly agree.

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No there is about a fifth of a digital artificial horizon + a bit of MFD.

I love how inactive this forum goes when an update gets released 😂❤️


Lol yeah everyone is flying the new plane that’s why 😆

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So the update description mentions scenery sounds. I tried flying low over Los Angeles, but I didn’t hear anything out-of-the-ordinary. I then turned the engine off over Los Angeles to see if I could hear anything without the engine running, but still nothing.
So how do you hear the sounds? Do you need to be parked on the ground with the engine off to hear anything? Is it restricted to only Live mode? Etc.
But then again, when I tried it out, my volume was turned very low. If the scenery sounds were faint, I probably wouldn’t have heard them.

[Edit: Got it, thanks for your help!]

You have to be on the ground without the engine on.

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It is not restricted to only live mode. You’ll be able to hear the sounds in solo as well.

The city sounds can be heard when your engine is off and when you’re sitting on the ramp. You may have to turn up the volume if nothing can be heard. The sounds will resemble that of cars and trucks driving on a nearby highway.

The other scenery sound you will hear will be a result from wind. If you’re on the ramp and say the winds are 25G40kts, you will notice that a “whooshing” sound will be louder than that of winds calm. You can verify this when you’re flying along as well. If you’re in cruise, you have a tailwind of say 100kts, and you throw the camera view into Free Cam you’ll at first hear and see the plane flying away, until the sound of the wind begins to take over. Its really neat stuff.


This update is amazing! FDS never fails to impress me! The engine startup sound is beautiful!

Is the city sound just heard if a highway is near or everywhere?

Any airport will have these sounds.

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Everywhere because I heard it at Lukla Airport


Great job FDS!! Ya did it again👏🏼👏🏼