Infinite Flight 18.5 Release

Hello, pilots!

Version 18.5 of Infinite Flight has begun to roll out and will be available to you as it makes its way to your app store! In a move back to general aviation development for the first time since adding the Citation X, this update includes the much-anticipated TBM 930, along with a few bug fixes and improvements.

As many of you will know, our launch of this update was halted by an unexpected app store requirement. This meant more development time was required in spite of the fact that we had an update ready to ship (more on this below). This also means we’re implementing a gradual roll out to app stores, which you can read more about in Laura’s post. Android users will receive this update first, followed by iOS users if all goes well. You, our community, responded very well to this news and for that we say, thank you! Now, on to the update!

New In This Update

  • TBM 930 with new pilot clothing
  • TBM map icon
  • TBM Interior/Exterior turboprop engine sounds
  • Ambient exterior sounds (wind, city noise, etc)
  • Updated callsigns
  • Added NOTAM UI
  • ATC Improvements
  • New subscription workflow

TBM 930

Steveo1kinevo has brought the TBM into the spotlight for the online aviation community with his hit YouTube channel. And yes, you can fly N851TB now too! Originally previewed at FlightSimExpo 2018 in Las Vegas, the TBM 930 has now made its way into the Infinite Flight skies. Taking advantage of other recent design elements, the TBM 930 includes many new camera angles, wing flex, and new suspension animations. New to this update, are new interior and exterior turboprop engine sounds, as well as cockpit and main door animations.

With a max cruising speed of 330 kts, a max range of 1730nm, and a takeoff field length of only 2380 feet, flying the TBM 930 in Infinite Flight truly lives up to its “rocket with a prop” reputation.


ATC Improvements

ATC go through a training process before applying their skills on the expert server. This isn’t the case with pilots, so it can be tricky to know if you’re transmitting the correct information. In this update, we’ve made it just a bit easier. If the ATIS indicates that no pattern work is allowed—which can often be the case during a busy event—this option will be disabled for pilots in their takeoff request list. We have also made some improvements to ATC log text size, as well as the way in which the log scrolls when new transmissions are received.

Subscription Workflow Updates

In accordance with the App Store guidelines, we’ve reworked the subscription workflow to allow subscriptions without the need for social media authentication. If you already have an Infinite Flight Pro account, there’s no action needed; Infinite Flight will log in as usual. If you reinstall the app, Infinite Flight will try to automatically pull your account information from the subscriptions, even if they are expired. You will be presented with a screen to log in automatically.

If you are a new user to Infinite Flight Pro, signing up is now easier: just go into the multiplayer page and subscribe. No further action is required to enjoy the benefits right away. We do, however, recommend that you link your Facebook or Google account to make sure you can recover your stats from another platform or device, or in case you change your apple id. You can do this easily from the account screen.

Optimizations and Improvements

18.5 also comes with an updated list of available callsigns, memory optimizations, and thanks to the hard work of the airport editing team, new navigation, and airport data. A new NOTAM user interface will now inform you of any airfield restrictions that may be in place—such as aircraft size or type—prior to starting your session.

New NOTAM UI for pilots

In addition, we have implemented an improvement to how airline callsigns are read back. Numbers will now be read individually. If, for example, your call sign is Air Canada 1056, Infinite Flight will now read this as Air Canada One Zero Five Six. No more adding spaces to hear your callsign read back properly!

Rudder functionality has also been updated in 18.5. Rather than linear feedback on the rudder control (and by extension, the nose wheel control if auto-coordination is enabled), you’ll notice a gradual increase in rudder pressure as you move the control slider. This will help in those challenging crosswind landings!

Android Screen Recorder

We have removed the ability to record your flight using the built-in screen recorder in the Android version of Infinite Flight. Since there are many third-party apps that do this very well (see below), directing development resources elsewhere instead of supporting this feature in-app is the best option for us moving forward. So long, screen recorder. It’s been cool.

Here is a list of alternative you can use to record your flights:

List of Updated Callsigns

  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • China Eastern
  • Norwegian Air UK
  • PAL Express
  • Peach Aviation
  • TUI Airways
  • WOW Air

See you in the skies!


Wow! Great news, the work only gets better!


Wow, just wow! You guys never fail to push the boundaries of mobile flight simulation!

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Ambient noise is present at airportsin an exterior view. Imagine background noise at an airport, it’s quite similar.


Omg that was unexpected, thanks FDS!


Yeah. Its really cool. You can distinctly pick out the sound of a semi-truck on the highway. Its really immersive.


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You bet! Plenty of GA airports updated to accommodate the TBM too ✈️


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