Infinite Flight 18.5 & 18.5.1

Anybody else having problems with the TMB-930? My aircraft won’t take off & I always take off around 120kts in every aircraft I fly but the TMB-930 always banks to the left or right & stalls.


What’s your aircraft weight?

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What is your weight? Did you calibrate? Are there crosswinds?


Alright so the TBM is a really fragile plane taking off. Around 90-100 knots you want to rotate with trim +10 and flaps takeoff. This will allow a smooth takeoff and then you cant have a high V/S like in airlines because the TBM doesnt get that much thrust. Also make sure it’s not in the red or above MTW


120kts is actually really quick to take off in the TBM. You should be rotating around 90kts, maintaining a shallow climb out with no manoeuvre until 120kts, then you hold 120kts on initial climb out to 3000ft before accelerating out. I’ve been climbing st around 1200-1500ft and having no issues.

Landing the bugger is a little more difficult than taking off, so if you haven’t tried that already here are some details.

Approach Speed - 100-110kts (weight dependent)
Cut throttle at around 20ft AGL, you should touch the runway at approx 90kts for a smooth landing.


If your aircraft is going left or right, it’s the winds most likely. Even if I have 0knot winds, I still have a thumb on the rudder pedals just to make micro corrections throughout the critical stages of flight.
A way I do this and not spiral (rudder is powerful and touchy), is that I turn down both rudder dead zone, and rudder sensitivity. That means a slight movement on the rudder will be a realistic movement.

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I have always the reflex to tap calibrate multiple times before the take off run and once before rotating to make sure I am going straight at the take off. It allows me to avoid climbing too much or just going bad.

And I personally always set my rotate speed over the ‘needed’ one. To be sure to take off and not going to stall immediately after getting off the ground :)


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